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int massXpert::CleaveSpec::isNameInList ( const QString &  str,
const QList< CleaveSpec * > &  refList,
CleaveSpec other = 0 
) [static]

Searches a cleavage specification in a list.

Searches for a cleavage specification having a name identical to argument str in refList. If such cleavage specification is found, and if other is non-0, the found cleavage specification's data are copied into other.

str name.
refList list of cleavage specifications.
other cleavage specification to be updated with data in the found cleavage specification. Defaults to 0, in which case no update occurs.
the int index of the found cleavage specification or -1 if none is found or if str is empty.

Definition at line 250 of file cleaveSpec.cpp.

References clone(), and massXpert::PolChemDefEntity::m_name.

    CleaveSpec *cleaveSpec = 0;

    if (str.isEmpty())
      return -1;
    for (int iter = 0; iter < refList.size(); ++iter)
      cleaveSpec = refList.at(iter);

      if(cleaveSpec->m_name == str)
          if (other)
          return iter;
    return -1;

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