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PolChemDefEntity * massXpert::PolChemDefEntity::clone (  )  const [virtual]

Creates a new polymer chemistry definition entity.

The newly created polymer chemistry definition entity is initialized with the data in this.

the newly allocated polymer chemistry definition entity which will have to be deleted when no longer in use.

Reimplemented in massXpert::FragRule, massXpert::FragSpec, massXpert::Ionizable, massXpert::Modif, and massXpert::Monomer.

Definition at line 91 of file polChemDefEntity.cpp.

References PolChemDefEntity().

Referenced by massXpert::Monomer::clone(), massXpert::Modif::clone(), massXpert::FragSpec::clone(), massXpert::FragRule::clone(), massXpert::CleaveSpec::clone(), massXpert::CleaveRule::clone(), and massXpert::CleaveMotif::clone().

    PolChemDefEntity *other = new PolChemDefEntity(*this);
    return other;

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